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United States

Are you Moving to The United States?

We are hoping to create expat financial planning guides for brits moving to the USA. However, the current complexity with US taxes and the regulations affecting firms and individuals which help US citizens or residents with their finances, means that these guides are on hold until we can satisfy ourselves that we can confidently adhere to these requirements. Watch this space. If you are an interested in these services, or if you are a company interesting in helping us to complete these guides for the service sectors outlined below, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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What's included?

The expat location guides will answer the following questions


An overview of the local housing market to help you find your new home, whether buying or renting.


Learn how banking works in your new country, who to bank with and how to manage your accounts.


Review how to transfer savings safely and securely; with the best rates and lowest fees.


An overview of investment and retirement accounts available, including how to construct your own portfolio.


Simple summary of the relevant tax rates, deadlines, exemptions and allowances to consider.


Identify the types of protection available for you and your family, and how to get the right cover from the best providers.


An introduction to your options and responsibilities for medical care, both via the state and private cover.



Understand how to arrange your personal affairs to protect your assets now and in the future.


Discover the lifestyle available to you and learn how sound financial planning will help you achieve your goals.


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