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Financial Planning for Expat Living

Helping you plan your new life abroad
Mark Underdown

Mark Underdown

Founder & Financial Planner

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always held an insatiable desire to see the world and live in different countries. I’m sure many of you relate to that, or perhaps leaving home was an economic or lifestyle choice.

Whatever your reason for setting up a new life in another country, a big part of making your new expat lifestyle a success comes down to how well you manage your finances.

Being an expat means that you don’t have your existing network to rely on. You are also likely to have unique needs that fall between the gaps of your new country.

The professionals in your new home will be well versed in their line of expertise, as it relates to their own country, but they are unlikely to know much about your home market, or the unique factors which affect someone managing their finances in more than one country.

That is why I have founded Wealth Beyond Borders.

I want to make a difference to your lives by providing financial planning for expat planning, allowing you to plan your new life abroad and provide you with the tools to have a successful and less stressful start to your new life.

I will help you plan your new life abroad by providing location specific guides, along with financial planning concepts from a global perspective. Introductions can be provided to the right professionals, at the right time, and for those willing and able, I can help you manage your own affairs.

I wish you luck in your new life – wherever in the world that may be!

About Me

Why I can help you manage your overseas personal finances

Professional Qualifications

I have studied for a wide range of professional financial qualifications. They provide me with a broad understanding of the products and techniques used in managing your personal finances.


CISI Private client investment advice & Management (distinction)


CFA UK Investment Management Certificate


CII J04 Pension Funding Options


CII J05 Pension Income Options


CII J0 Personal Taxation


CII J06 Investment Principles, Markets and Environment (Merit)


CII RO1 Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics


IFS Certificate in Financial Advice


IFS Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice


IFS Certificate in Regulated General Insurance

It’s a Vocation

I love what I do and have a huge interest in financial markets, investing and personal financial planning; combining this with the desire to share this knowledge and wisdom with others.

Whilst professional qualifications may sound fancy and provide a good foundation, you cannot truly get to grips with finance without reading a wide range of material.

I am an avid reader of financial books, blogs, reports and research papers in my field and have a wide knowledge base.

Budding Author

I’m researching and writing a few books on specific financial topics. The research and thinking surrounding these subjects has led to a deeper understanding of the factors involved in these areas.


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